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This page gives acces to documents on IPsec which are part of a study undertaken by HSC.


The term IPsec (IP Security Protocol) refers to a security protocol, defined at the IETF, which aims at protecting the exchanges at the IP layer. Among the various security services offered by this system are the guarantee of authenticity and confidentiality of data. Those services are based on cryptographic mecanisms which guarantee a high security level when they are used with strong algorithms. As the protection is enforced at the IP layer, IPsec can be used in numerous situations: it can offer protection to all the applications using the network (without any need to modify them), protect the access to a given network by acting as an advanced firewall, be used to build virtual private networks (VPN), protect remote accesses to an intranet...


Network Security with IPsec
[June 1999 - French]
General-interest introductory article on IPsec and its uses (11 pages).

IPsec: a technical overview
[English version last modified in April 1999 - French/English]
Technical presentation of the IPsec standard (40 pages).

Lectures' slides

IPsec Overview
[June 2001 - English]
Introductory presentation of IPsec and its uses.

Network security with IPsec
[June 1999 - French]
Introductory presentation of IPsec and its uses.

IPsec: from Fundamentals to the IKE Protocol
[March 2000 - English]
Detailed presentation of IPsec and IKE.

Dynamic Management of the IPsec Parameters: The IKE Protocol
[October 1999 - English]
Introductory presentation of the IKE protocol, the key management protocol for IPsec (which also manages all the security parameters).

IPsec and key management
[November 1998 - French]
A rather technical lecture, oriented toward the key management part of IPsec.

Key management for IPsec
[January 1999 - French]
Technical presentation of key management for IPsec.


Feedback from the ETSI IPsec over IPv6 Interoperability Tests
[December 2002 - English]

IPsec Interoperability
[March 2002 - French]

IPsec 2001 - IKE Interoperability Demonstrations and Tests
[October 2001 - French/English]

IP filtering and IPsec in Windows 2000
[September 2001 - French]

IPsec interoperability
[March 2001 - French]

How to configure an IPsec tunnel on an agency Cisco router, with dynamic addressing and an ISDN line
[December 2000 - French]

IPsec 2000 - IKE Interoperability Demonstrations and Tests
[November 2000 - French/English]

The Different OpenSource Implementations of IPsec
[October 2000 - English]

Résultats de tests d'interopérabilité IPsec réalisés par HSC
[October 1999 - English]
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