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HSC developed, a few years ago, two security products: a firewall software called HSC-GK, and an automatic filters generator called MkFilters. Those products have since been taken over by another company.


In 1992, HSC created the first application-level proxying firewall with authentication and identification of users, under the name HSC-GK (HSC GateKeeper).
- Slides introducting the software (1996)

Here is the development history of this product:

  • November 1991: The CNES (French space agency) orders a study on Internet security from HSC, study which will result in the creation of HSC-GK.
  • June 1992: The telnet and FTP proxies are operationals.
  • September 1992: The concept of application-level proxying with authentication and identification of users is introduced for the first time at Usenix Security.
    - Prooceedings of the conference: PS - PDF
  • April 1993: Presentation of HSC-GK at the Unix Convention.
    - Prooceedings of the conference: PS - PDF (French only)
  • June 1993: Integration of authentication with SecureNetKey.
  • January 1994: Marketing of the product under the name HSC-GK and continuation of the development.
  • October 1994: lpd proxy, graphical administration interface gk-admin.
    - Presentation of gk-admin
  • January 1995: X11 proxy.
  • July 1995: Integration of the ActivCard authentication system.
  • October 1995: traceroute, ping, whois and finger proxies.
  • January 1996: HTTP proxy (Gopher, Wais, FTP), with its own authentication system.
    - Presentation (French only)
  • February 1996: Integration of the OPIE (One-time Password In Everything) authentication.
  • Mars 1996: The gk-admin administration interface is rewritten in Tk/Perl.
  • November 1996: HSC-GK was sold to Solsoft who renamed it Net Security Master then Solsoft NSM.
  • June 2006: publication as a free software by Solsoft, under the GNU GPL license, then end of support at the end of 2003.
  • September 2006: support and development resumed by INL then republication under the name HAL-GK.
  • September 2009 : INL changed its name to EdenWall .


In 1995, HSC developed Mkfilters, the first software which automated the generation of filters for routers.
- Slides of a presentation of version 1 (October 1995, French only).

Version 2 came out in January 1996, then the product was sold to Solsoft, who renamed it Net Partitioner then Solsoft NP and has improved it a lot.

Solsoft has been acquired in september 2006 by Exaprotect.

Exaprotect has been acquired in may 2009 by LogLogic .

LogLogic has stopped Solsoft NP development end of 2009 despite of unbelievable technological advance compared to US and israeli competitors.

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