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Founder and manager of the consulting agency, Hervé Schauer (bio) took an interest in Unix security in 1986. In 1987, he contributed to the security working group of the AFUU (which has now become the SUR working group ). Then, he has devoted himself to security as a full-time job since 1988.

In 1989, Hervé Schauer gave his first Unix and TCP/IP security courses and found his first customers for specific services, mainly research and defense bodies.

The following year, industrial and public sectors customers were added to the list of customers. In 1991, the CNES was the first client for Internet security; in 1992, the European Commission (which has since become the European Union), was the first foreign customer and, in 1993, Hydro-Québec was the first customer outside Europe.

In 1992, HSC developed the first application-level proxy with authentication under the name HSC-GK (HSC GateKeeper) and, in 1995 the first filter generator for routers under the name of Mkfilters . Those two products were sold in 1996 to the Solsoft company, which renamed them Solsoft NSM and Solsoft NP.

HSC carry on with innovation and offering new services. In 1996 security assessments are completed with penetration tests. In 1997 the private in-house vulnerabilities monitoring become upon customers request the very first security watch service in France. Then from 2000 to 2002 are added security for IP infrastructures in mobile telephony, security for IP infrastructures of large telelecom operators and wireless networks security.
HSC stands apart by its independance, integrity, and stability, by improving its skills and ability to integrate free and proprietary solutions, by keeping an open-minded innovative and pragmatic spirit, enabling faithfullness for long-term partnership.

HSC share experience and knowledge allowing free access on its web site close to 200 courses material and lectures slides, 100 articles and tips related to security, 64 techno-watch reports, publish 11 original free softwares in security and keep strongly active in voluntary sector.

Nowadays, HSC team brings 24 consultants engineers, specialized in Unix, Windows and Internet security, electronic commerce and applications security, who intervene through the world towards large companies as well as start-ups.

Owing to this experience, HSC is unanimously reconize by the market, the public institutions and the press as a well-respected player, combining severity and quality to engineering excellence.

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