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|>|ISO 27001 status overview  
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Objective of the service

To evaluate the current situation of the security practices in your company in the objective of assessing the remaining work that would be needed in order to implement the ISO 27001 standard.

In which cases to select this service

You wish to implement the ISO 27001 standard, but you previously want to accurately know:

  • Which are the security processes that actually already conform to the standard
  • Which are the ones that require to be led to conformity
  • Which are the ones that are needed to be created from scratch

Results of the service

We deliver you a report that accurately describes:

  • The processes requiring an adjustment, with the list of the tasks needed to make those processes conform to the standard
  • The missing processes, still made necessary by the standard.
Furthermore, the report presents a strategy for implementing ISO 27001 by taking into consideration your background and your requirements.

Detailled description

This service generally takes place in five completary stages:

  • Stage 1: Launching meeting
  • Stage 2: Interviews
  • Stage 3: Disclosure of the documentation
  • Stage 4: Report writing
  • Stage 5: Presentation of the results

Stage 1: Launching meeting

This meeting is intended to narrow the service and to present the approach selected by the consultants. The following items are planned:

  • Confirmation of the objective of the service
  • Presentation by the consultants of the key steps for implementing an ISMS that complies with ISO 27001
  • Presentation of the HSC approach
  • Presentation by the customer of his own background: activities, organisation objectives, ressources, constraints, etc.)
  • Election of the persons that will be interviewed
  • Planning of the interviews

Stage 2: Interviews

The HSC consultants meet the various persons in charge of the key services of the organisation. The goal of these interviews is not to audit the processes, but to evaluate their current conformity to the ISO 27001 standard. The following items are often planned:

  • Inventory of the key processes
  • Security of these processes
  • Existence and quality of the relevant documentation
  • Existence and quality of the follow-up of corrective actions
  • Etc.

Stage 3: Disclosure of the documentation

The HSC consultants will familiarize themselves with the relevant documentation:

  • General policy documents (security policy, user terms and conditions, etc)
  • Specific policy documents (password policy, remote access policy, etc)
  • Procedures
  • Etc.

Stage 4: Report writing

The consultants write a report taking into consideration every previously acquired element.

Stage 5: Presentation of the results

This presentation takes the form of a meeting during which the following tasks are performed with the customer:

  • Summarized reminder of the key conclusions of the report
  • Presentation of roadmap to ISO 27001 compliance
  • Open discussion regarding ISO 27001
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