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* ISS : Internet Security Scanner
Ecrit par C. Klaus. Il va explorer un ensemble de machines sur un réseau.
ISS v1.21  (Internet Security Scanner)
Usage: ./iss -msrdyvpqefo #1 #2
 -m Ignores checking for mail port.
 -s xx number of seconds max to wait
 -r Ignores Checking for RPC calls
 -d Ignores Checking Default Logins such as sync
 -y Try to get pw via Ypx
 -v Ignores finding Mail Aliases for decode, guest, bbs, lp
 -p Scans one Host for all open TCP ports (disables all other
 -q Turns off Quick Scan so it finds hosts even with no name.
 -e Only logs directories that can be mounted by everyone
 -f Ignores Checking FTP port for logging in as anonymous
 -o <file> send output to non ISS.log file, "-" is stdout

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