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|>|Report from BlackHat/DEFCON 2014  
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PDF PDF version [1.7M KB]  
> Description Report of the BlackHat/Defcon 2014 conferences  
> Context & Dates Talk presented during OSSIR, on 9 September 2014.
> Author Inčs Ribeiro (Ines.Ribeiro@hsc.fr), Steeve Barbeau (Steeve.Barbeau@hsc.fr) 
> Type [ French - HTML ]  
> Abstract &
Table of content
blackhat 2014
Defcon 22
Defcon bonus
IPS evasion on IPv6 - Antonios Atlasis - Enno Rey
Attacking Broadband modems - Andreas Lindh
Android FakeID vulnerability - Jeff Forristal
VoIP Wars - Fatih Ozavci
Exploiting vulnerabilities on graphical user interfaces - Collin Mulliner
BadUSB - Karsten Nohl - Jakob Lell
BadUSB - Karsten Nohl - Jakob Lell
Hacking Cisco EnergyWise - Matthias Luft - Ayhan Soner Koca
GRR - Greg Castle
SVG: Exploiting browsers without bugs - Rennie deGraaf
A journey to protect PoS - Nir Valtman
Capstone - Quynh Nguyen Anh
Cellular exploitation on a global scale: the rise and fall of the control protocol - Mathew Solnik - Marc Blanchou
SATCOM terminals: Hacking by air, sea, and land - Ruben Santamarta
Pulling the Curtain on Airport Security - Billy Rios
Learn how to control every room at a luxury hotel remotely: the dangers of insecure home automation deployment - Jesus Molina
Oracle Data Redaction is Broken - David Litchfield
From root to SPECIAL: Pwning IBM Mainframes - Philip Young
Bypass firewalls, application white lists, secure remote desktops under 20s - Zoltán Balázs
Hack All The Things: 20 Devices in 45 Minutes - CJ Heres - Amir Etemadieh - Mike Baker - Hans Nielsen
Abusing Software Defined Networks - Gregory Pickett
A survey of remote automotive attack surfaces - Charlie Miller - Christopher Valasek
A survey of remote automotive attack surfaces - Charlie Miller - Christopher Valasek
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