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|>|Security advantages of open source software  
> Access to the content HTML Beginning of the presentation  
> Description Overview of the advantages of free software in the security field and examples of free software for security.  
> Context & Dates Talk made at Linux-Expo, during the "Linux and security" tutorial:
  • French version: in Paris on 1st February 2000 and Montreal on 10 April 2000
  • English version: in Madrid on 26 April 2000
  • > Author Hervé Schauer (Herve.Schauer@hsc.fr) 
    > Type 17 slides [ French/English - HTML ]  
    > Abstract &
    Table of content
    Hervé Schauer Consultants
    HSC and Open Source Software
    Users needs
    Open Source Software
    Proprietary Software in security
    Open Source software and security
    Security because of Open Source Software
        Source-code analysis
        Bugs correction
        Support independance
    Examples of Open Source Software for security
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