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|>|Windows network services internals - HiverCon 03  
> Access to the content HTML Beginning of the presentation
PDF PDF version [3420 KB]  
> Description Windows network services internals: TCP/IP stack, SMB/CIFS and MSRPC implementation  
> Context & Dates Talk made during HiverCon 03, on 6 November 2003.
> Author Jean-Baptiste Marchand 
> Type [ English - HTML ]  
> Abstract &
Table of content
TCP/IP stack
Ephemeral ports
Ephemeral ports range configuration
Ephemeral ports allocation policy
nc.exe: TCP/UDP client or server
Ephemeral ports: TCP clients
Ephemeral ports example
netstat bugs history
netstat bugs: UDP -> TCP (NT 4)
netstat bugs: LISTENING bugs (W2K)
W2K3: LISTENING bug fixed
Identifying processes behind sockets
netstat -o option: XP, W2K3
Lack of privileged ports
TCP Server hijacking
NT4: SMB server hijacking
IIS5 hijacking
IIS5 hijacking: example
TCP duplicate bindings
IIS5 duplicate bindings
Avoiding TCP server hijacking
SMB/CIFS: introduction
SMB transport
SMB transport: NT4 vs W2K
SMB NetBT transport: on the wire
Raw SMB transport: on the wire
SMB implementation
SMB implementation: drivers
SMB implementation: services
SMB bindings
SMB bindings: GUI
SMB bindings: CLI
SMB transport configuration
NetBT: NetBIOS names
SMB transport: raw SMB
SMB transport choice
SMB key concepts
SMB session: examples
Using the redirector
net use: examples
SMB server administration
SMB sessions management
SMB as a transport protocol
MSRPC: introduction
MSRPC transport
MSRPC services classification
Named pipes
Named pipes: W2K
Named pipes: W2K3
npfs aliases
npfs aliases: registry values
DCE RPC remote mgmt interface
ifids: named pipes endpoints
ncalrpc: LPC port endpoints
ifids: LPC ports endpoints
NULL sessions
NULL sessions: access control
NULL sessions: registry values
NULL sessions: implictly allowed named pipes
NULL session: impersonation token
RPC services: NT 4.0 domains
RPC services: administration tools
RPC-based administration tools
Remote administration: example
MSRPC security: transport protocols
MSRPC security: authentication
RPC authentication: ncacn_ip_tcp
MSRPC implementation quirks
services.exe RPC services: example
RPC services protection
ncalrpc vs ncacn_np
MSRPC vulnerabilities
MSRPC vulnerabilities, cont.
MSRPC vulnerabilities, cont.
MSRPC vulnerabilities, cont.
Messenger RPC service (ncadg_ip_udp)
MSRPC security: conclusion
References: books
References: tools
Reference: Ethereal
References: TCP/IP stack
References: other publications
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