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* Agenda *

* Examples
o Problems
o Solutions?
o Analysis
o Effective solution
* Network Partitioning Overview
o What is Network Partitioning?
o Typical applications
o Why Network Partitioning versus others security techniques?
o Does Network Partitioning satisfy everyone?
o When use and advice Network Partitioning?
o Performance issues of Network Partitioning
o Scalability of Network Partitioning
o Limitations of Network Partitioning
o Application layer controls
o Network Partitioning & Intrusion Detection Systems
o VLANs, VPNs & IPsec management
o Future of Network Partitioning
* Network Partitioning Concepts
o Domain
o Service Flow
o Class
o Security Policy Enforcement Point (SPEP)
o Security policy enforcement at network layer vs. application layer
* Policy-Based Network Security Management
o Policies
o Policy trends & terminology
o Security Policy
o Network access security policy
o Authentication
o User policy
o What is Policy-Based Network Security Management ?
o How to go to Policy-Based Network Security Management ?
o Abstraction level of Policy-Based Managment
* Partitioning process
o Tasks
o Case with internal NOC within the company
o Case with network service provider
o Determine domains to partition
o Determine service flows between domains
o Apply the security policy on the service flows
o Apply the service flows on filtering devices
o Audit & validate the filtering devices policies
o Update the service flows drawings
* Organization
o Security Office
o Network Operation Center
* Hardware & Software
o Filtering Devices
o Policy Definition Tool & filter generation
o First configuration set-up
* Cases studies
o Internet security
o Internet & extranet security
o E-Commerce platform
o Community ISP
o Industry meshed network
o Industry meshed & branches network
o Bank branches network
* Conclusion
* References & resources

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