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Although HSC is a consulting agency, most of our interventions are quite technical and require adapted tools. As a consequence, we were led to develop our own tools. Some of them are publicly available (unless otherwise specified, those tools are distributed under GNU license).

o Babelweb
Automatic information retrieving from of a web server
> Download
o BlueBerry
BlueBerry is a tool that can be used to decrypt BlackBerry Administration Service passwords.
> Download
o Delphes
Delphes extracts the usernames and passwords from Oracle file.
> Download
o Dislocker
This software has been designed to read BitLocker encrypted partitions under a Linux system.
> Download
o Dns2tcp
Dns2tcp is a tool to encapsulate TCP Frame in DNS traffic.
> Download
o filterrules
Determination of the filter rules enforced by a firewall
> Download
o findpass
Findpass is a Meterpreter extension used to extract password from the memory of a Windows 2000 computer.
> Download
o IDSwakeup
Test of intrusion detection systems
> Download
o jis & wis
JBoss AS administration tools using HTTP invokers
> Download
o nstreams
Network streams analysis
> Download
o pam_freesms
PAM module using the french mobile operator Free's SMS sending API
> Download
o passe-partout
In-memory extraction of SSL private keys
> Download
o Patator
Patator is a multi-purpose brute-forcer, with a modular design and a flexible usage.
> Download
o Pinbrute
Découverte de chemin optimal pour les attaques par force brute de pin code.
> Download
o PktFilter
Windows 2000/XP/server 2003 IPv4 filtering device driver configuration
> Download
o Net::RawSock
Sending raw IP datagrams using Perl
> Download
o rkscan
Rootkit scanner for loadable kernel-module rootkits
> Download
o sessiondump
Sessiondump is a Meterpreter extension used to extract passwords and hashes in LM and NTLM format on Windows systems from XP/2003 to 8/2012 in x86 and x64.
> Download
o skyrack
Tool to help ROP oriented exploitation
> Download
o smbsniff
SMB protocol sniffer
> Download
o SSLTunnel
> Download
o SSToPer
A Linux implementation for SSTP client
> Download
o Subweb
HTTP reverse proxy
> Download
o Webef
Bruteforcer of web server files and directories
> Download
o WifiScanner
802.11b stations and access points analyser/detector
> Download
> Download
o xml-logs
Log management using XML
> Download

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