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|>|Universal Format for Logger Messages  
> Access to the content TXT draft-abela-ulm-05.txt [20KB]
TXT draft-abela-ulm-04.txt [20KB]
TXT draft-abela-ulm-02.txt [15KB]  
> Description Definition of a universal format for logger messages.  
> Context & Dates Internet draft published at the IETF .
See also the presentation of the Ulmgraph software.
This project is now moving to XML encoding, see IETF's syslog-sec working group for more details.
HSC has developed a tool for logs management using XML: xml-logs .
31 May 1999 
> Author Tristan Debeaupuis, Jérôme Abela 
> Type Text, 12 pages long.  
> Abstract &
Table of content
This document presents a format to describe system events for logging purpose. Some of the features presented here are already in use with the common syslog facility, but most of them are lost in the crowd of syslog format freedom.  
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> Copyright Distribution of this document is unlimited


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