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|>|Linux Security  
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O Module 1: theory
(Also available as one complete file)
O Module 2: practical work
(Also available as one complete file)
> Description The aim of this course is to introduce the security functionnalities provided by Linux, as well as the possible uses of Linux for information systems security.
This course is composed of two parts; a theoretical presentation in the morninf, followed by practical work in the afternoon.  
> Context & Dates Material of our Linux Security course.
The material available here is the one used during the Linux University on 9 December 1999; future sessions of this course may use a revised version of the slides.
> Author Denis Ducamp  
> Type Course material - [ - ]  
> Abstract &
Table of content
Module 1 : Théorie

1. Introduction

2. Linux et la sécurité

3. La sécurité du système

4. La sécurité du noyau Linux 2.2

5. La sécurité réseau

6. Conclusion

Module 2 : Travaux pratiques

1. Introduction

2. Sécurisation complète d'un serveur sous Linux

3. Mise en place d'un serveur WWW Apache

4. Mise en place d'un FireWall sous Linux avec IPchain

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