4.10.10. Inter-site Messaging service

The Inter-site Messaging service (ismserv.exe process) runs one RPC service, available on the following endpoints:

Y:\>ifids -p ncalrpc -e ISMSERV_LPC serveur
Interfaces: 1
  68dcd486-669e-11d1-ab0c-00c04fc2dcd2 v2.0

Table 4.47. ismapi operations

InterfaceOperation numberOperation name
68dcd486-669e-11d1-ab0c-00c04fc2dcd2 v1.0: ismapi  

The following RPC service runs in the ismip.dll DLL, loaded in the ismserv.exe process context:

Active Directory ISM IP Transport: 130ceefb-e466-11d1-b78b-00c04fa32883 v2.1

This interface contains only one operation:

Table 4.48. ismserv_ip operations

InterfaceOperation numberOperation name
130ceefb-e466-11d1-b78b-00c04fa32883 v2.1