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Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management  
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> Description Presentation of the DoD security architecture for information systems.  
> Context & Dates Study and lecture made as part of an involvement in the POSIX standardization group at the AFNOR.
5 May 1997 
> Author Tristan Debeaupuis 
> Type  
> Abstract &
Table of content
TAFIM (Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management) is an information security architecture model designed by the DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency), an agency which belongs to the DoD (Department of Defense of the United States). This model is mandatory within the DoD. It has been taken up by X/Open as a reference model for open systems. The only modifications introduced by X/Open deal with publication, there is no modification of the documents' content. This document is a summary of the 1500 pages that describe TAFIM V2.0, with a special attention to the DGSA (DoD Goal Security Architecture), the security target architecture chosen by the DoD.  
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