Universal Logging

We are investigating the potential of "Universal Logging." The idea is to create a standard for logging for the internet.


A 'Birds of a Feather' (BOF) meeting at the Washington DC IETF meeting, December 1997 was organized. A second BOF for defining the charter has be decided but due to lake of ressources, they were no second BOF. The group can be created, we need a chair.

The draft is still alive.

BOF Description

Network based logging services provide system administrators with an important tool for diagnosing a variety of problems. There is no standard way to do logging. We propose a single very simple protocol which will allow interoperable logging for the Internet. This protocol will include features for structuring log entries with fields which have standard definitions. We would like to define a standard API, string based protocol and message format for log entries. We also will address internationalization of logs, how to transmit log entries securely. Another important topic is how a logging protocol should interact with network management.

The BOF agenda is available.

To subscribe to the mailing list, send mail to sympa@hsc.fr with "sub gulp" in the body of the message.

An archive of the mailing list is available.

We have worked out a rough outline of a proposed working group charter, should ULP be turned into a working group of the IETF.

There is a fifth version of the internet draft available on Universal Logging Message formats (released 31th may 1999).

Erik Guttman
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