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If you wish to request services , write to sales@hsc.fr.

  • If you have specifications of your needs, please send them to us; if we can provide a solution, we will send you a proposal.
  • If you have no specifications but need a specific service, please describe your needs and we will answer with a proposal.
  • If you have not specified your exact needs yet and need some advice on how to solve your problem, we can set up a one-day meeting to:
    • Show you what can be done,
    • Understand your needs and point out some aspects you may not have thought of,
    • Propose a solution (architecture, products...) to fit the situation.

If your request concerns one of our training courses , write to Formations@hsc.fr, and please precise:

  • The type of training session you would like, wether it is intercompany or intra-company.
  • The subject in wich you are interested.
  • In case you would like a training course wich is not in the list of our training courses types, please send us the maximun information about the content and level of detail requested.

Make sure to include the name of your company, your department, your responsibility in the project, and the people to contact for administrative questions (non-technical matters).

We guarantee full confidentiality.

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o Press review
o Press releases

To request an interview or article, please write to Presse@hsc.fr

Please specify:

  • The name of your newspaper, magazine or other media
  • The context where the article will appear (expert's corner, feature article...)
  • If it is for an interview or an article
  • The subject and your questions

We will tell you if we can reply to your request.


  • Interviews can be conducted entirely through e-mail.
  • To ensure the relevance of the technical content, we insist on validating the article prior to publication.

Recruitment (jobs, internships)
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o Job opportunities

If you wish to apply for a position as consulting engineer with HSC, or for an internship, please write to cv@hsc.fr

Please enclose your CV or resumé, in text format only (Word, RTF and HTML, among others, are not accepted).

Web et vie privée
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o Information on this server

For any remark or question on our web site, please write to webmaster@hsc.fr. The visitors wishing to reach the personal data with regard to them or to obtain the correction of the possibly incomplete, inaccurate data or not relevant, must address a request to privacy@hsc.fr.


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