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Location and date

Date: 13 September 2005
Lieu: Hotel Sheraton de Faa'a (Papeete), Tahiti

Organizer and registration

Pole Services et Réseaux de l'OPT

Inscription : Mlle Jenny JISSANG
Email: Jenny_Jissang at opt.pf
Office des Postes et Télécommunications
Pôle Service de Réseaux de Télécommunications
Immeuble Ainapare
Pont de l'Est
98 713 Papeete
Téléphone : (689) 45 16 00
Télécopie : (689) 82 77 78
Contacter le PSRT
Télécharger le bulletin d'inscription
Télécharger la Plaquette

Goals and public

Understand how attacks on IP networks work, so as to approach security and intrusion detection projects more easily.
Acquire necessary knowledge to secure TCP/IP networks. This course is meant for IT security managers, network/telecom administrators and managers, system administrators, project leaders, and any other security actor.

Prior knowledge of networks and of the TCP/IP protocols is necessary. Some basics will be reminded at the beginning of the course.


1 day.


Thomas Seyrat (Thomas.Seyrat@hsc.fr)


IP networks and associated risks

[Course]  Course material [25 November 1999 - French]

  • Introduction to IP networks
    • Overview of networks
    • Overview of the IP protocol: packet, routing, fragmentation, TTL
  • Attack and intrusion techniques
    • Description of an attack
    • Search for information on a remote site
    • Search for vulnerabilities
    • Taking advantage of the vulnerabilities
    • Firewall bypassing
    • Internal attacks
    • Denial of service attacks

Intrusion: protection and detection

[Course]  Course material [25 November 1999 - French]

  • How to protect oneself
    • Examples of bad architectures
    • How to design one's Internet gateway
    • IP filtering
    • Different kinds of IP filters
    • Application-level proxying
    • Securing the servers
    • Applications security
    • Role of the administrator
    • Role of the IT security department
  • Introduction to intrusion detection
    • Definitions
    • Main methods
    • Main products
    • Limits of intrusion detection
    • Detection of sniffers
    • Techniques for bypassing and polluting the IDS
    • How to design one's intrusion detection
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