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Location and date

Linux Expo, palais des congrès, Paris, 17-18 juin 1999

Goals and public

On the occasion of Linux Expo, the first trade show for OSS and Linux solutions in France, the Hervé Schauer consultants agency carried out a tutorial entitled Security and cryptography with Linux.

This tutorial aimed to give an overview of the applications of Linux and OSS into the security world. Detailed presentations focused on four technological aspects: the security functions specific to Linux, using Linux as a secure mail server with Postfix, configuring Linux as a firewall (IP filtering), creating encrypted tunnels with Linux. Six specialist consultants from the Hervé Schauer Consultants agency carried out practical and technical talks.

Below you will find the program for this tutorial, as well as links to the slides (French only).



  1. Free software for security - Le logiciel libre en sécurité, by Hervé Schauer (Herve.Schauer@hsc.fr)
    • Open-source and proprietary software
    • Free software and security
    • Security thanks to OSS
    • Examples
  2. Linux for security - Linux pour la sécurité, by Stéphane Aubert
    • Introduction to Linux
    • Linux's security
    • Using Linux for security
      • Secure Internet gateways with Linux: IP filtering, Web access, Web servers, DNS servers, mail and mail servers
      • Intrusion detection and supervision
      • The security consultants
      • Office servers security
      • Workstations security
  3. Specific security characteristics of Linux - Les spécificités de Linux en sécurité, by Denis Ducamp
    • Linux kernels 2.2 security
      • Secure-level and capabilities
      • Modules' risks
      • Accounting
      • File systems encryption
      • Various functions
    • PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
  4. Postfix: a new generation of secure email server - Postfix : la nouvelle génération de serveur de messagerie sécurisé, by Alain Thivillon
    • Why a new Unix MTA: evolution of SMTP, comparison with the current systems
    • Architecture: principles, queues, modularity
    • Security functions
      • Mechanisms
      • Managing antispam
      • Denial of service
    • Configuration
    • Performances
    • Future
  5. Converting Linux into a firewall - Transformer Linux en FireWall, by Vincent Archer
    • Historical review
    • IP-Firewall
    • IP-Chain
      • Implantation into the Linux kernel
      • Capabilities
      • Syntax
      • Performance
    • Architectures for secure gateways using Linux
      • Examples
  6. Encrypted tunnels with Linux - Les tunnels chiffrés sous Linux, by Ghislaine Labouret
    • Why use encrypted tunnels
    • Encapsulating PPP into SSH
    • The CIPE tunnel
    • IPsec under Linux
  7. Conclusions, par Hervé Schauer
    • Linux, an fundamental protagonist of Internet an business security
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